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Number of UAE students who wish to pursuit Degree course and Master course in South Korean University are growing every year. However, they couldn’t get this opportunity because there is no institution in Abu Dhabi who could guide these students to their dream.



" Trinity Training Institute(TTI) is to offer foundation courses or initial language trainings that include Korean in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. In order to admit students to Major Korean University for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, TTI wishes to prepare the UAE/GCC students to achieve the basic and/or intermediate level of Korean langauge for admissions of Major Korean University undergraduate and postgraduate programs."

Trinity Training institute is dedicated to provide group lessons in Korean, English, French, Spanish, Arabic and information & communication technology. 


We are particularly dedicated to Korean and a wide range of other languages and information & Trinity also offers intensive course of Information Communication technology during half-term and school holidays as well as evening courses for students who wish to improve their language and technologies tailored to the needs of students from all over the world.













Trinity Training Institute will be recognized as the best language institution in the United Arab Emirates, helping international students to improve their linguistic skills respective to their field of interest.

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